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Money Talks

Money Talks

Not Rated
With a recession on the rise, who wouldn’t be on the lookout for quick ways to make cash? Now imagine if instead of having to mow lawns, work night jobs, and sell your crap online, we paid you $100 bills to get naked and go wild! Welcome to MONEY TALKS, Playboy TV’s outrageous new show that pays real people for doing the dirtiest of deeds. Undercover hookups, bone crunching sex stunts, Miami beach bikini flashing, you name it! Straight from the twisted minds of Reality Kings comes a gorgeous blonde host, fists full of Benjamins, and a street crew with endless naughty requests. How far would YOU go for the right amount of dough?

Genres: Game-Show



Country: US

Episode: TV-MA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: DVD

Release: 2006

IMDb: 0

Content: TV-MA